A cyclone, a wedding and buttercup goes west

The Other and I decided to get married this December, and with that decison we were suddenly in the middle of a great war. Small battles errupted every day, our differences in religion and other non issues became raging topics for heateded debates and we weathered it all. December came closer and as various forces ( mostly my parents ) tried their best to thwart this, our resolve, commitment and conviction grew stronger.

Like the sword that was reforged from the shards of narsil

Very bright was that sword when it was made whole again

the light of the sun shone redly in it

and the light of the moon shone cold

and its edge was hard and keen

and Aragorn gave it a new name

Anduril Flame of the West

when we were sure nothing could go wrong anymore, ‘ Amma’ the chief minister of Tamil Nadu died, and we held our breaths and it  passed. I held it rather poorly, but held it anyways. And then the day before the wedding, it was announced that ‘vardah’ a cyclone of  great potent would be crossing the city, exactly at the time we had chosen to get married.

My two best friends who had travelled across the world for this luckily took charge – they didn’t come for nothing. They decided I was getting married – rain or shine or cyclone!while one got me ready the other who is a project manager by profession took charge and was the most efficient franager managing my phones, the caterer, the cabs and everything inbetween. We found a cab who took us to the venue through the lashing rain, and as the winds howled and trees fell we took our vows and became woman and husband.

We are so overwhelmed with all the love and support, it is indeed true that there is the family you are born into and then there is the family you choose along the way. And our family was there for us that day, despite the cyclone, the everyone we invited including my 87 year old grandfather who climbed over a tree to make it – were there – and what a memorable day it was.

Well thanks to the cyclone we spent two days after our wedding in darkness, with no mobile network and then threw a party to cap of all the excitement and have now embarked on the journey of our dreams – Buttercup Goes West. We planned the trip before our wedding, and have been planning and replanning it for months and I can’t believe we are finally on it.

We are riding down the entire western coast of India from Gujarat to Kanyakumari, on our new steed – Buttercup. She is part of a trio, the other two  (bubbles and blossom) have been given a bit of a rest at the moment.

We landed in Ahmedabad, a city very close to my heart early this morning. The plane took off as the sun was rising. Unfortunately the wedding week took its toll on me and I passed out, but The Other saw some unforgettable sights and got some amazing shots too. We have spent day 01 just lazing, recuperating and eating.


Below us only sky

Stay tuned for the rest of of adeventures starting tommorrow !




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I am quite the wave rider, have surfed through life quite happily. From school, to college and work and college again and work work work .. and now I am afraid I am running out of waves... and hence the blog. I spend my lunch breaks reading quite a few, and have been itching to join the band wagon. Plus my favourite bloggers all have lives and don't write as often as I read :)

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