Teamwork at Dinner

Yesterday we broke out of the zoo and decided to go for dinner. We are a bunch of 6, similar in designation, qualification and age. We have all lived in nicer places, studied aborad and are now vested in the zoo. We decided to celebrate a normal work day evening becuase an ex-zoo inmate was in town. She escaped last year, but ironically keeps coming back to the zoo,  Sometimes I think the zoo is like hotel California – you can check out anytime you like but you can never leave..

Anyways we went to Mint Route, a rather nice world cuisine restaurant, one of the few places in Ahmedabad that does not serve the dull – punjabi – chinese routine with an overload of cheese ( chiz if you are Gujju). The food is vegetarian, appealing and the service is great. The interiors unfortunately looks like several home decor magazine threw up in there after a night of heavy drinking and too many fried munchies. I am not saying this because I am an architect, it has way too much lighting, and every possible element. It is almost as if someone went through a catalogue and said one of each please and then placed them pell – mell in the order of arrival.

Our outings are generally characterized by a lot of negative venting and discussions regarding work. But yesterday was different, yesterday was revolutionary. Yours truly had a brainwave, I am prone to those, and earth shattering epiphanys though several are in retrospect and tad too late. I decided that the person who brings up the zoo at dinner has to pay for it. For once we discussed movies, books , and even the mahabarath. We had several close shaves, but we came through with flying colours.

p.s I was very sure I would even up paying for the dinner, I even told the Other that if that happened, he was not getting a birthday present this year. So needless to say, i am very proud of myself.


Published by: aninsightfulnut

I am quite the wave rider, have surfed through life quite happily. From school, to college and work and college again and work work work .. and now I am afraid I am running out of waves... and hence the blog. I spend my lunch breaks reading quite a few, and have been itching to join the band wagon. Plus my favourite bloggers all have lives and don't write as often as I read :)

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